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I Services PHP/Webpack Boiler

Webpack, Sass, and routing.
UIKit included for UX.

I Services PHP/Webpack Boiler


Because we don't believe you should use a framework for every project! We find frameworks like Laravel very useful for large applications however they introduce complexity and bloat to most common applications. This boilerplate allows us to rapidly develop PHP applications with just the features we need, and nothing more!

What is it?

Essentially, this project is a wrapper or skeleton of our own sites development process with the most minimal dependencies. We have webpack installed with a sass compiler, and composer to manage our PHP dependencies. We built a simple routing system that can easily be extended if needed and included some sample content to get you started.


A very simple PHP/Webpack boilerplate to create web applications with routing and a Sass compiler. Default node packages include sass, uikit, and webpack. Easily add additional modules, or extend your application with composer.



Starting from the top, the node_modules directory is where NPM stores our dev dependencies such as webpack and sass.

The src folder is where all the magic happens! Create components to include/require throughout your project in the src/components directory, add pages in the src/pages directory, store images in the src/public/images directory. Add custom js files in src/js and require them in src/app.js, and customize your styles in src/sass/main.scss.

The included .htaccess file will handle url rewrites for pretty uri's. Modify browserconfig.xml, and site.webmanifest as needed (or remove from project if not needed). The .gitignore file simply saves us from commiting unnecessary files to our repo.

The package.json is our dependency manager and allows us to install required packages using NPM or Yarn. And composer can be easily added to the project to manage php packages with npm run add-composer to install it, then npm run composer-require <package/name> to add new packages, or npm run composer to update packages from existing composer.json file.

And finally, webpack.config.js is our configuration file that helps us compile and build our projects css and javascript, this can also be customized and extended to your hearts content.


Please report any bugs or issues at https://github.com/iservicesinc/php-boiler/issues.

🚀 Quick start

  1. Start developing.

    Clone the repo (or fetch/pull changes) and install dependencies.

    git clone git@github.com:iservicesinc/php-boiler.git
    cd php-boiler


    npm install # installs npm dependencies
    npm run add-composer # installs composer to src/html
    npm run composer update # installs composer dependencies
    npm run compile # Compiles sass and js bundles

    Start up local development environment in docker.

    npm run server
  2. Open the source code and start editing!

    Your site is now running at http://localhost:8000!

  3. Build and test site for production.

    Once you completed making changes go ahead and compile the site.

    npm run build # builds final site in ./dist directory

    then test the compiled version.

    npm run prod-server

    Your production site is now running at http://localhost:8080!