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Secure with I Services!

I Services specializes in Information Security and can assist in recovering from accidental, or malicious loss of data and patching your systems against most known security vulnerabilities. We work with you to secure user endpoints and provide a buisiness continuity plan that ensures minimal to no downtime for your business in case of a disaster or cyber attack. Have you already suffered an incident? We can investigate the root cause and provide a thorough analysis that will assist you in taking necessary measures to prevent a future occurrence.

Disaster Recovery

Don't let your business grind to a halt! Our DRaaS plans are custom tailored for you and built-in to your systems. Protect important services by coordinating and automating replication and recovery across secondary locations.

Business Continuity

Maintain normal business operations during an outage, emergency or natural disaster! We understand how much technical downtime or data loss can impact productivity and profitability. Business Continuity is critical to the overall success of an organization.

Endpoint Securtiy

Protect all your traditional and mobile endpoint devices with innovative technologies! We'll recommend only the most reliable solutions to reduce attack surface, prevent attacks, prevent data breaches, and detect and respond to malicious or potentially unwanted activity.

Digital Forensics

Our Information Security team can help you respond immediately to stop the damage and limit liability in the case of a security breach or malicious attack. We will provide you with the information needed to prevent future inceidents.